Exped Rem Pillow Medium Size W/Fleece


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REM Pillow M

A plush pillow with air support utilizing pellets cored from our foam insulated mats. The combination of an air pillow, foam topper and a soft tricot cover results in a pillow that rivals the one left in your bed at home.

> Adjustable height for side-, back- and belly-sleepers.

> Anatomical shape holds head in place.

> Sturdy, low profile FlatValve for inflation and deflation.

> Inner air pillow is removable when pillow case requires washing.

Two grommets for securing to sleeping mat. Stuffs into it’s own flap.

38 × 25 × 13 cm
160 g
Package height:
27 cm
Package diameter:
12 cm
Pillow fill:
Foam pieces