Gear Aid Sil Net Seam Sealer


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McNett Gear Aid – Sil Net™ Silicone Seam Sealer 1.5oz (42.5g)

 Your ultralight shelter is only as good as its seams.

Sil Net™ is specially formulated for sealing seams on tents and other outdoor products constructed or coated with silicone, such as silicone treated nylon. Sil Net may also be used as an in-field repair material for moderate rips, tears and areas of abrasion.


• Seals in one application
• Unaffected by extreme heat or cold
• One tube seals critical seams on an average 2-person tent


If you own a sil-nylon tent, Sil Net is a must-have (unless you like sleeping in puddles). That’s because sil-nylon tents typically aren’t sealed at the factory. Stay dry! Use Sil Net to seal the seams on your silicone-treated tent, tarp, backpack and rainwear. Use it to repair pinhole leaks, too. Sil Net is part of a comprehensive line of Care and Repair products from Gear Aid. With Gear Aid, anyone can be a master of gear repair.

Instructions for Use

Apply from tube or with brush.
Seam Sealing:
1) CLEAN surfaces with isopropyl alcohol.
2) APPLY Sil Net to inside of seam: apply thin film across taut threads and under folds.
3) LET DRY 3-6 hours. Test before use or folding.
Adhesive Applications: Roughen and clean surfaces. Apply Sil Net to both surfaces. Allow to dry 15 minutes, then join (clamp or tape) surfaces together overnight.
NOTE: Fully cured Sil Net may cling to itself when folded. After first application, lightly dust fully cured areas with ProTalc™ High Performance Dry Lubricant and Protectant or talcum powder.
CLEAN UP AND STORAGE: Wipe tube threads. Advance contents to tube neck and replace original cap securely. Store in cool, dry place. Clean hands with soap and water.