LED Lenser P17.2


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THE NEW MODEL Led Lenser P17.2 Led Torch 

Our new P17.2 is twice as bright, and twice as powerful. First-responders and emergency crews need durable, bright flashlights that are not only shock-proof, but also resistant to a wide range of temperatures. Three D-cell batteries power the P17.2, providing spotlight-like output and durability. A tactical light with practical technology.

P17.2 SPECS:

 Colour Black
 Lumens Boost: 450/ Power: 350/ Low: 50
 Length 306mm
 Diameter at the handle 38mm
 Weight 773 g
 Batteries 3 x D
 Battery Life Boost: 30h/ Power: 50h/ Low: 300h
 Focus Speed
 Beam Length Boost: 420m/ Power: 280m/ Low: 140m
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