Masters Dolomiti Calu (Ultrastrong ) 110cm-135cm


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Realized for an expert hiker, that’s a pole with high potentialities.

Assembled in 3 sections (ø16-14-12 mm) in Calu® – core of fine aluminum alloy and a superb quality of carbon fiber- can guarantee lightness, strength and flexibility. This model is assembled with Palmo grip which has light strap with minimal buckle.

The new blocking system Wing Lock is easy to use and facilitates an easy and quick adjustment of the pole. The new Tip-Top system of the support with tungsten tip is ideal to quickly replace the basket.

Measure: 66 cm closed – 135 cm maximum extension (110 cm the minimum).

Weight: 213g

Equipped with: a pair of top baskets Ø 85 mm.