Red Chilli Corona VCR

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A performance-oriented shoe with an asymmetric toe box and killer slingshot heel.

The Red Chili Corona VCR features a low-profile toe box. Thanks to this, it works well in thin cracks and micro-pockets.

The Red Chili Corona VCR fits a wide foot that is also low-volume in places. It has the capacity to be cranked down small around the arch, for a snug fit and good support. Plus, the midsole has been tweaked to give even more sensitivity and feedback.

Toe rubber on the upper help with techy toe-hooking.

  • Ideal for: Sport, bouldering, gym
  • Type: Performance
  • Downturn: Moderate–Aggressive


  • Velcro straps for easy adjustment
  • Sharp, asymmetric, low-profile toe
  • Synthetic upper with low stretch for added comfort
  • Rubber over the toe and in the arch for added versatility
  • Twin pull on tabs


  • Upper: Synthetic
  • Lining: Partial
  • Rubber: Red Chili 4.5mm RX2
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