Wilderness Systems Radar 11.5 W/Rudder




Wilderness Systems Radar 115 has what a kayak angler would want or need in a fishing kayak.

The Radar is designed with S.M.A.R.T. Hull Technology that optimizes the boat for paddling, pedaling, or motoring. This gives you a stable fishing platform from the sitting or standing position.

With a full length rocker chine and a pronounced center keel, this kayak has good maneuverability and tracking.

Thus, allowing the user to choice the method of propulsion for the given days use while at the same time being able to utilize your electronics.

This is done either with the Flex Pod OS or the new Scupper Box that mounts in the pedal drive location.The Radar has adjustable foot pegs along with an adjustable Air Pro MAX Seat.

The Seat is able to slide off the track and stow to allow for more standing room for fishing. New is a rectangular hatch in the center floor. This is larger than the regular Orbix hatch and allows for more in hull access. There are multiple molded in tackle/tackle box storage areas in the seat well and just behind the seat. The rear tank well has been designed to accept regular milk crates and also the YakAttack Black Pak.

Wilderness Systems has designed into the hull at the rear an area to accept a plate for mounting a Power Pole. The kayak will accept a rudder with a new hand steering control system that can be mounted on either side of the kayak next to the seat. The rudder can be used with all forms of propulsion.

If all of these features were not enough, the Radar will accept both the Helix Motor Drive MD and the Helix Pedal Drive systems from Wilderness Systems. Each one of these systems will fit in it’s own location on the kayak.

The Helix Pedal Drive uses a 6:1 gear ratio to maximize efficiency with the S.M.A.R.T Hull Technology. Helix Pedal Drive is made of all Aluminum construction along with waterproof seals. This system has a spring loaded stow system to make for quick handling in shallow water. The Helix Pedal Drive and the Helix Motor Drive systems will be sold separately.

The Radar will be a great kayak for many kayak fishing situations with a variety of propulsion options!

• AirPro Max seat for Hi/Lo/Forward/Aft adjustability

• Flexpod OS Pod – Electronics and/or Motor drive use

• Helix Motor Drive and Pedal Drive units available thru aftermarket

• Pedal Scupper that accommodates aftermarket Helix Pedal Drive. Allows use of a transducer when the Helix Motor Drive is in use.

• Keepers XL

• Orbix hatch (115: Round; 135: Oval)

• Rectangular center hatch (New)

• Injection molded carry handles

• SlideTrax (Bow & Stern)

• Power Pole mount (Plate sold separately)

• Skid plate Radar 115

Radar 115

Length: 11’ 8” / 356 cm

Width: 34.5” / 88 cm

Height: 15” / 38 cm

Weight: 85 lbs. / 39 kg Including seat (3.6kg)

Pedal Drive Weight: 5.5 kg

Max Cap: 450 lbs. / 204 kg

Radar 135

Length: 13’ 6” / 412 cm

Width: 34” / 86 cm

Height: 15.5” / 39 cm

Weight: 90 lbs. / 41 kg Including seat (3.6kg)

Max Cap: 475 lbs. / 215 kg

Propulsion is the next frontier in kayak fishing. The “Helix PD Pedal Drive” was optimized for all-day cruising, offers both forward and reverse maneuverability, and produces increased torque that allows users to cover more water and overcome the elements more easily en route to their favorite fishing hole—all in one sleek, easy-to-stow design. It allows kayak anglers to go farther, fish longer and return faster.

The patent-pending Helix PD Pedal Drive comes standard with a versatile and ambidextrous steering system kit that includes steering handle, rudder, patent-pending noise reduction baffles, and installation hardware.



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Helix PD Pedal Drive

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