Silva Ranger Compass


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The Silva Ranger is a traditional baseplate compass commonly used by hikers, mountaineers, backpackers and hunters. It has all the features you need for your outdoor adventure, so if you’re looking for a basic, yet functional compass, Ranger should be your choice. It features a rubber grip for easy handling and comes with a use-anywhere declination scale inside the capsule, a magnifying lens, and base plate map-measuring in mm and scales of 1:25,000 and 1:50,000. The baseplate is curved-up at the back-end for perfect fit in the hand. The red/black north-south lines in the capsule bottom ensures easy and safe settling. The distinct arrow and scales/markings in a clear contemporary font combined with lots of transparency in the base plate makes navigating easier – when activated in light the luminous markings enable night time navigation. The needle is made from the finest Swedish steel with high quality magnetic features.

• Lightweight
• Durable
• Waterproof
• Packable
• Warranty – Five (5) years from date of purchase
• Rotatable housing can be used with the SILVA 1-2-3 System®
• DryFlex™ rubber grip for easy handling and great grip
• Robust material that withstands tough treatment and conditions
• Detachable safety-release distance lanyard with scales to measure longer distances
• Declination scale inside the capsule
• Magnifying lens for precision map work
• Fixed declination correction scale to simplify calculations
• Map measuring scales mm, 1:50k and 1:25k making it compatible with most maps
• Luminous markings enable night navigation
• Red/black north-south lines


CompositionBezel: rubber
Needle: steel
Weighting FeelLightweight
Dimensions10.7cm L x 5.4cm W x 1.1cm D