Exped Widget Inflation Pump,Lamp Powerbank


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The Exped Widget is an electric pump for effortless, fast and moisture-free (as opposed to mouth inflation) inflation of sleeping mats with a capacity of 300 l/min.


It is compact enough to fit in a backpack and powerful enough to quickly inflate multiple, large volume sleeping mats. At the same time, the widget is a bright camping lamp with three light levels and a power bank for charging devices like your cell phone. The built-in handle lets you hang it in your tent or on a tree branch. The widget also features a silent mode that blows slower, but won’t wake up the whole camp late at night.

The widget can inflate Exped’s giant MegaMat Duo LW in four minutes and can do so up to four times. A fully charged widget can easily inflate several trekking mats during a week of adventure in the wilderness. In lamp mode, a fully charged Widget will light camp for up to 72 hours. The 3600 mAh power bank will last for one to two cell phone charges. Note: As with all battery-powered devices, cold temperatures reduce operating performance.

In addition to connecting to Exped mats, the widget is equipped with the Universal Valve Adapter, allowing it to connect to virtually any mat on the outdoor market. For details, see Universal Valve Adapter. A USB C to USB A charging cable is included for charging.

To prevent the widget from accidentally starting up in your backpack, double press to turn it on. The widget is fully charged in 6 hours.

  • The 2 lithium batteries at end of their life are replaceable. Just return the Widget to the Exped distributor for replacing with new ones. Widget is specifically designed for batteries to be replacable.
  • Besides inflating camping mats consider using the Widget for inflation of pillows, inflatable boats, inflatable tents, inflatable furniture, beach balls, swimrings, floatation aids and the like.
  • Use Widget as fire blower to kindle a fire.
  • Use Widget as dust blower for cleaning.
  • Use Widget as hair dryer or body dryer instead of a towel.
  • Use Widget as cooling fan.
  • Use Widget as vacuum cleaner by attaching the bayonet adapter to the air intake port and attaching the opening of a breathable fabric bag to the air outlet port. The dirt then is collected in the bag.
  • Use Widget as animal deterrent.
  • Deflation of camping mats is possible although not strong. Just insert the bayonet closure adapter into the air intake port. Deflating a self inflating mat is so-so as the suction force is not high and deflating such mats is manually much faster especially when employing your body weight. As for airmats without much insulation resistance, you are also much faster by deflating it manually.
  • Widget for deflation of high-pressure products: as the Widget is not strong enough you will only be able to loosely fill kites, airtents, SUP’s and the like. But then you might take a high-pressure pump to complete the blow-up of these devices which typically need pressures as high as 0.4 – 0.8 bar (6 PSI – 12 PSI. For bicycle and car tires it is not worth trying as the pressures are as high as 2-9 bar (29-130 PS
Intended Use:Hiking, Camping, Travel
Warranty:5 years