Injinji Performance 2 L/W Ultra Thin No Show


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Product Description

The Run Original Weight Performance Toe Socks fiber construction protects each toe and the entire foot from blisters, hotspots and moisture build-up. Feet will remain cool during runs and workouts with a mesh top for maximum breathability and superior arch support for a secure and stable fit. The no-show length rests below most footwear lines and has a tab feature to protect your heel from shoe irritation.


Fiber content: 29% COOLMAX© 68% Nylon 3% Lycra©

ABOUT Injinji

Performing since 1999, Injinji is a sock company dedicated to the health and performance of feet. We believe Injinji socks can truly benefit people in every athletic pursuitand make the journey of life a bit more comfortable for everyone.

“Forever committed to innovation that allows your feet to live and perform at their peak. We are a better way.”



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