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Made with a 100% recycled Hydronaute XT-R Shell and a 100% recycled silk-touch Nylon lining. Available in Standard, Women’s & Extra-Large Sizes. The Warmlite XT-R Boxfoot 750 is appropriate for temperatures of -9°C to -14°C.

With a technical shell fabric and high loft down but only the essential design features, the Warmlite XT-R Series provide warmth in cold to extreme cold at a very reasonable price.

The Warmlite XT-R Boxfoot 750 features a contoured 3D hood, box walled baffles, 3D boxfoot, 3D draught tube along zip and premium 750+ loft water resistant down.

  • Mummy shape with boxfoot for maximum efficiency
  • Differential cut reduces compression & cold spots
  • Continuous baffles allows flexible down distribution between base & canopy
  • Box walled baffles for warmth & weight efficiency
  • Large down-filled 3D draft tube along zip retains heat
  • Contoured hood keeps down evenly distributed around head
  • Full length YKK side zip with dual sliders
  • Sewn with hydrophobic Epic thread to prevent moisture from wicking along seams and inside the shell
  • Laminated 210 denier Nylon anti-snag shield along zips
  • Hydrophobic Epic thread prevents moisture wicking along seams
  • Includes ultralight siliconised-Nylon stuff sack & 50L polyester storage sack with printed care & washing instructions
Intended useBushwalking/Alpine
Season Rating4 Season
Women &/or Cold Sleeper-9°C / 16°F
Men &/or Warm Sleeper-14°C / 7°F
Shell fabricHydronaute XT-R 100% Recycled
Lining fabric100% recycled ultralight silk-touch 15 denier downproof Nylon
Standard size weight750g fill, 1240g total
Women’s size weight750g fill, 1200g total
XL size weight850g fill, 1475g total
Standard/Women’s compressed size19x26cm
XL compressed size21x28cm
Down rating750+ loft premium white duck down
Down treatmentWater resistant DWR Loft treatment
Zip sideLeft
Zip configurationSide zip only. YKK brand zip with dual sliders
750+ loft water resistant down

This product is filled with Premium White Down with a loft rating of at least 750 cubic inches per ounce.

Mont’s down is selected for it’s high quality, purity and the fact that it is not live plucked.

Hydronuate XT-Recycled

Guaranteed by the Global Recycle Standard, Hydronaute XT-R is a 100% recycled Nylon fabric made from pre-consumer industrial waste. Hydronaute XT-R is a technical fabric with excellent water resistance and breathability performance.

Hydrophobic Epic Thread

All Mont Sleeping Bags are sewn with hydrophobic Epic Thread. The silicon impregnated in this thread prevents moisture wicking along seams and into the bag, keeping down dryer and warmer.

Hydronaute XT-Recycled fabric

100% Recycled: Guaranteed by the Global Recycle Standard, Hydronaute XT-R is a 100% recycled Nylon fabric made from pre-consumer industrial waste.

Highly Water Resistant: Keeping down dry is vital in cold & extreme environments; wet down just won’t keep you warm. Using an ultra-light durable water resistant coating, Hydronaute XT-R fabric protects down from external moisture allowing it to trap as much warmth as possible.

Highly Breathable: If not removed promptly, water vapour from your body will gather on down & reduce its ability to trap warmth. Hydronaute XT-R expels 15L of water vapour per square metre per 24 hours for drier down, greater loft & maximum warmth.

Warmth Sealed In: With a 100% windproof rating, even the iciest winds will not penetrate Hydronaute XT-R fabric, keeping warm air trapped inside.


Differential cut is the term used to describe the difference in circumference between the inner and outer shells. The differential cut prevents down compression and cold spots by reducing the chance of the inner shell compressing against the outer shell.

For a truly effective differential cut there should be a considerable difference in the circumference of the inner and outer shells.


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