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The Mont Zodiac Series are a quality range of durable down sleeping bags with a 100% recycled Nylon shell, designed for bushwalking, outdoor education programs and weekend getaways.

They can be used over a wide range of temperatures by regulating the ventilation with foot and side zippers and adjusting the distribution of down between canopy and base. With dimensions a little more generous the Zodiacs are an ideal choice if you like a little more room when you sleep.

The Zodiac 700 is the warmest model in the Zodiac series. Appropriate down to -10°C for a warm sleeper, the Zodiac 700 is for cold weather camping, in three to four seasons, including use above the snowline.

  • Generous Hood with drawcord
  • Toaster foot pocket for air activated heat pad
  • Internal zip security pocket
  • Tuck stitching for increased durability of baffles
  • Baffles sewn with Hydrophobic Epic thread which prevents moisture from wicking inside the shell
  • YKK Full length side and foot zips to increase versatility
  • Left and right hand models can be zipped together
  • Can be zipped open to form a quilt
  • Large 3D draft tube prevents heat loss through zip
  • Nylon 210 denier laminated anti snag tape runs along zip
  • Internal shoulder collar muff retains body heat
  • Supplied with Z-Force Mechanical Advantage Compression Stuff Sack and large storage bag with printed care instructions
Intended useBushwalking/ Outdoor Education / Weekend Getaways
Season Rating4 Season
Women &/or Cold Sleeper-3°C / 27°F
Men &/or Warm Sleeper-10°C / 14°F
Shell fabric100% recycled lightweight 30 denier Nylon shell
Lining fabric100% recycled lightweight 30 denier Nylon
Down rating680-750 loft premium RDS white duck down
Down treatmentWater resistant DWR Loft treatment
Standard size weight700g fill, 1300g total
Women’s size weight700g fill, 1300g total
XL size weight750g fill, 1425g total
Approx. compressed size19x26cm
Zip sideLeft or Right on Standard, Left on Women’s, XL
Zip configurationSide & Foot zips. YKK brand zips, dual sliders on side zip
785 to 850 loft water resistant down

This product is filled with Premium White Down with a loft rating of between 680 and 750 cubic inches per ounce.

Mont’s down is selected for it’s high quality, purity and the fact that it is not live plucked.

Hydrophobic Epic Thread

All Mont Sleeping Bags are sewn with hydrophobic Epic Thread. The silicon impregnated in this thread prevents moisture wicking along seams and into the bag, keeping down dryer and warmer.


RDS is an independent, voluntary global standard that ensures down is not sourced via live plucking, that birds are not force fed & that a birds welfare is always upheld.

Certified by IDFL
Project #: 005963


The Toaster Pocket is for slow-release, air-activated heat packs: your toes and feet will never be cold again. The Toaster Pocket can be found in Spindrift, Expedition, Brindabella, Helium and Zodiac Series Sleeping Bags.


Differential cut is the term used to describe the difference in circumference between the inner and outer shells. The differential cut prevents down compression and cold spots by reducing the chance of the inner shell compressing against the outer shell.

For a truly effective differential cut there should be a considerable difference in the circumference of the inner and outer shells.


Tuck stitching is a construction method that conceals the stitch inside the sleeping bag thereby protecting it from abrasion and snagging. This is in comparison to top stitched seams where each stitch is exposed. Tuck stitched seams are also more water resistant than top stitched seams, again because the seam is concealed internally.

Tuck stitching attaches the lock-knit baffle fabric to a small fold in the shell material. Tuck stitching joins three layers of fabric making for a much stronger seam than top stitching that only joins two.


The Z-Force Compression Stuff Sack is the original and only stuff sack that utilises mechanical advantage to compress gear smaller with less effort. Three compression straps in pulley configuration compress your gear from both ends with a single pull of each. Pack your gear smaller than ever with less effort.