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Product Description

Engineered tarps for shelter in every season. This economy range of Overhangs uses our regular 75 denier, waterproof, polyester tent fabric. The tensile design engineering and construction quality incorporated in all our Overhangs are world leading.

Carefully cut panels, non-stretch, reinforced ridges and perimeters and our original design tear-drop guycord pockets combine with construction details to deliver the best-pitching and strongest tarps available.

If you need group shelter or sunshade, enjoy the airy openness of fly camping or simply do stuff outdoors in all weathers, one of these Overhangs is for you.

Can also be used as a ground sheet.




  • 75 denier ripstop polyester, dwr face, 3000mm PE back coat.
  • Unique, reinforced guy points with integral pockets.
  • 3m guy lines supplied on corners, 2m on sides.
  • Color: Sage Grey / Black Trim
  • Size: Medium 3m x 2.95 wide
  • Weights: M:1.05 kg

Overhang Medium (3m Long x 2.95m Wide)

The medium size Overhang is a good compromise for small groups of 2 to 3 use or a family of four. Pitch it low if it’s windy. Fill in one end with your packs. Weight down one point to collect water. Use it as a big ground sheet for packing up on, organising gear and distributing food loads.

Much more info about the Standard Overhangs

All sizes in the Overhang range feature a reinforced ridge seam and simple, fully-catenary-cut fabric panels either side of this main seam. The guys attach to the tarp fabric body via our unique design, tear-drop shaped, reinforced, double-layer patches that incorporate pockets into which guy cords can be stashed. These patches that distributes stress into the fabric panels better than any other simple reinforcement system. You can have confidence that your Overhang will resist high winds and, thanks to the guy cord pocket feature, it won’t come out of its stuff sac a hopeless tangle of cords!

The standard 75d polyester tent fabric is the economical fabric choice for a shelter expected to perform in a wide range of conditions but where weight is not so critical and the added advantages of a silicone coating (UV protection to fine denier yarns and slipperiness to snow) are not important requirements. A well cared for and maintained standard 75d Overhang will give many years of reliable service.

The ridge seam and mid-panel guy points on the standard Overhangs are factory seam sealed.

ABOUT Wilderness Equipment

Wilderness Equipment is a manufacturer of high quality Australian designed tents, shelters backpacking and travel products and accessories.



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