Ticket To the Moon Compact Ultralight Hammock



The Ticket to the Moon Travel Compact Hammock is an ultralight hammock perfectly cut out for all your adventures. They’re ideal for life as a digital nomad, for trekking through the wilderness or for just taking a well-earned nap in your garden.

The TTTM Travel Compact Moon Hammock features:

  • Certified OEKO-TEX Standard 100 nylon – this parachute silk nylon fabric is an extremely gentle, hypoallergenic material that’s skin-friendly for children and adults with allergies or sensitive skin. It’s also breathable so you can keep breezy cool. Most importantly, the handcrafted triple stitching keeps the fabric strong and flexible.
  • Steel S-hooks included – each safely weight rated for the hammock model.
  • Easy installation – this hammock can be put up or taken down in less than a minute! Few things are as easy as pitching a Ticket to the Moon hammock: simply attach your suspension system of ropes or straps to a tree or pole and hang your travel hammock to the loops for a level position at a 30° angle. Make sure the hammock clears the ground by 40cm or more, and you are ready to swing.
  • Portable sleeping system design – a travel hammock is a great sleeping solution: smaller, more practical and much more portable than a tent with an inflatable mattress. Hammocks allow you to blend in with your environment with minimal impact on your surroundings.
  • Express Setting Bag packaging – you can use your packed-up hammock as a travel pillow – great for journeys on trains and planes – or use the empty bag as handy accessory storage.
  • 10 year warranty – TTTM have 25 years’ of experience and are the standard in travel hammocks. They’ve been tested in climates all around the world and meet every requirement for challenging terrains. Plus, these hammocks fully support loads of 200kg, although tests have proven a breaking point above 600kg. As a result, TTTM backs their hammocks with a generous 10 year warranty.


Brand : Ticket to the Moon

Model # : COMPHAM

Loc : CD

Weight : 480g

Dimensions : 320 x 155cm

Maximum Load : 200kg

Materials : OEKO-TEX Standard 100 Parachute Silk Nylon – Triple Stitched


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